26 April 2013


"We're women. We don't say what we want, but we reserve the right to be pissed off if we don't get it."
Sliding doors

I'm still buying clothes.
I shouldn't. I know it.
Btw I found something really nice like some shoes and I still can't decide which I should buy.

I have also found a supernice dress and I'm wondering if I should buy it or not. What do you think?

I've spent the other part of the day on the coach watching Jennifer Hudson's tips on how to exercise while home on Dr Oz show.

Then I realized I have a test tomorrow. Science test. I immediately started studying.

I took a 9+ in Spanish class today for doing absolutely nothing but reading a poetry (n.b. A 9+ i guess it's almost an A which is an amazing result for my school)

Now I'm watching Lost.
D'you know it is a freakin amazing tv series? I actually LOVE it.

Pretty boring day though.


P.s. I modified the dimension of the text of the previous posts due to a friend of mine complaint

25 April 2013


"And this Italy, this Italy that is still there even if it is hushed, derided or insulted, anyone who touches it will be in trouble. Anyone who steal it from me, anyone who invades it will be in trouble."
O. Fallaci - The Rage and the Pride

Okay, I translated that quote myself, so I don't know if it sounds good like the Italian original version.

Anyway, today is Liberation Day and I feel so proud of my country. 
Relax, I'm not going to explain you the meaning of this day for us (but you could go and check on wikipedia, you know, it could be a topic in those "awkward silence" moments when you don't know what to say...).
I'm writing this post and feeling so guilty because I should study Maths, i have a test tomorrow. Whatever.

This is how I am going to spend the night. Coffee and Maths books

Today is my first year of Instagram anniversary! Yay!
I've realized I start lots of things in these days. Not very interesting, yes, I know. 

As this blog is about my American year, I'd better talk about something relating to that.
At Wep orientation programme some days ago we have made a letter to ourselves about our fears and what we're expecting from this year.
Actually my biggest fear is to put on weight, which is stupid, but I'm more concerned about this than about the fact I don't understand when people talk to me in English.
One of the first things WEP (the year abroad organization) people told me was "You're going to gain almost 12 kilos".
Well, dear girl from WEP, do you know you actually scared the hell out from me?
That's not the kind of things you're saying to a teenager who is already worried about going away from her home country for a year!
I'll work my ass off while there. I'll try every sport, even just the training. I promise. 

I haven't got a host family yet. I freakin' wanna know who is going to bear me for the next year.
Waiting's killing me, literally. I hope for a brother or a sister of my age, you know, someone to talk with at school. I will find well with any other family though. Just, I can't wait for. :)

Today's shopping

So, as you can see, today I went shopping and bought some really nice things.
I bought a cream bag from OVS, which is an Italian shop really nice, with some piece of clothes I still dream for.
Then I went to Zara and bought a beige jumper which I really needed, was on sale and I suggest to everyone cause it's really useful for all seasons. It costs only 20 €.
Eventually I went to Stradivarius and bought a brown false leather jacket which I have been dreaming of for months. It costs 30€ (the real leather version costs 129 and there wasn't much of a difference).
So, I'm really happy about my shopping haul even if it doesn't make sense keep on buying clothes as I'm soon moving to America, where everything cost half the price than here. Whatever.

That's all for now.
Maths' book is calling me from where I left it,


What about a youtube channel? 

23 April 2013


"I sound my barbaric yawp over the rooftops of the world." W. W. Uncle Walt again.
 Now, for those of you who don't know, a yawp is a loud cry or yell. Now, Todd, I 
would like you to give us a demonstration of a barbaric "yawp." Come on. 
You can't yawp sitting down. Let's go. Come on. Up. You gotta get in "yawping" stance.

Dead poet society

As everyone can see, this is my very first post.
I have never blogged before, not even in Italian, but I liked the idea of experimenting something new,.
You know, new year, new country, new mates, new habits, what about a new me?
Actually I never liked the idea of writing to someone that I don't know. Moreover now I have to speak about me.
I'm doing this because I'm following lots of blogs, including my friend Frida's blog and I must say that 
I really admire them for those layouts and writing and the way they make me want to read more 
and more of their lives.
Also, I guess writing on a blog is going to build up my selfconfidence (which at the moment is reeeeeally low)
The third reason is about learning to speak and write in a proper English and it's going to be a big deal, so 
please, don't focus too much on verb tenses, I can assure you that one day I'll learn them. (I still remember
 talking with a german girl and saying "where did you went?"). I swear, I still feel embarazed for it. :(
Don't worry if there is a word you don't understand: probably I have just invented it mixing Italian and English.

If this post seems a little bit delirious to you, just know I'm very tired, don't know what to write and 
that I'm going to do some better tomorrow.
Hope you have enjoyed!