2 May 2013


I haven't post anything in quite a long time, I know, but it was because i didn't have any possibility to connect to internet. I apologize for this.
I'm writing this while in car, going back to Milan.

On saturday afternoon my friend Frida told me that the night before she had been out with her friends (at a disco, I guess?) and there were also some of our favourite youtubers and she danced for a while with them.
You know, I love the youtube crew (Harries twins, Alfie Deyes, Marcus Butler, Caspar Lee and all the others) and above all I love a youtuber from Bath who thatches roofs (any resemblance is purely casual) so I immediately decided that I MUST go to London soon, but I was worried about my parents saying no. 
They said yes. 

I'm the happiest person on earth.

On saturday night I've been to a schoolmate party. Nothing to say about: lovely night, drunk friends, danced a lot, broke a bag and a necklace, really tired the day after.
I happened to know some really nice people who come to my same school.

The day after I left my friend's house where I have slept and I came back home where I took my luggage and left for my house in the countryside.

As I really got bored while there (me, my mother and my grandmother and some boars that sometimes cross our field), I'll post lots of photos, but nothing really exciting has happened while there, so I'll end the post right here.



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