16 May 2013

"Football is the poetry of a motion"

"Football is the ballet of the masses"
Dmitri Shostakovich

And because Italian school doesn't make us study the most useless things... today I had a test about soccer! Not the practical one, of course, but the theorical. I mean, it's obviously better for us students studying soccer and not having a run, as we stay all day long on books. 
I could have studied something useful, but what I am going to do once I know which are the football rules? Watch the FIFA world cup knowing what a offside is?
Well, thank you school, but I already know that. It's like explaining what's the goal in playing basketball to an american guy.
But even if I think it's useless, I actually LOVE football - at least watching it - and I can stay all day watching a match.

I hope that at least it will give me a good mark.
Not good as the one that I have received in Maths.
My relationship with Maths is strange: even if I don't understand her I love her.
Tonight I'm watching the third episode of Game of Thrones, which is going to be the first I have ever seen. Does anyone follow it? What do you think?


P.s. good intention for the new year: STOP PROCRASTINATE, EFFIE!

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