23 June 2013

Moving out

Everyone told me that when you have to move out from the place you have raised up to another one it's a difficult thing.
Actually, I don't find it such a difficult or tough challenge. Well, maybe packing up everything is difficult and I'm losing 1 kg per day (I should consider this as a new kind of work out D: ), but I'm feeling so happy to go in a new place, to start a new experience.
I'm a little bit worried about my not being concerned about moving out and my parents' divorce.

You know, I love to change. I change clothes, bedrooms, hair colour, nail polish as often as possible.
That's not because I love trying new things, but because I can't stand seeing the same things for a long time.
It happened with my hair: after I had dyed my hair for years I had decided to return to my natural colour, but after one year I re-started dying them.

Same thing is occuring with America, with my dream of going to University in London and with the moving out.

So, I was wondering: am I just a person who doesn't like to stay in a place for long or am I just running away from everything?
This question actually can't make me sleep at night, because I'm wondering how it's going to be in 20 years, when I'm probably going to have a job and stay in the same place forever.
Is this why I want to become a writer? Only in order to travel around the world and not have to stay just in one place for years and years?

Oh God, this is mind fucking. Literally.

Well, I'm leaving you with one of my Polyvore.com set. 

That's everything by now.


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