21 June 2013

There and Back Again

I've finally been to London to meet my svenska friend Frida. Was fantastic meeting her. :)

The sad thing's to come back home. Disperatly want to go back there :(

By the way, here's the summary of these days:
- First day was actually amazing. I've met lots of people and we had an incredible night out @Movida. Not met any youtuber, though. I was hoping too much on it, maybe.. Anyway really a good day.
- The second day we were so tired that we got up at noon and been to Starbucks to have breakfast/lunch. In the late afternoon we've been to Frida's friend's house in Barnes which was actually A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

Bought some nice things indeed. 

Some Boots' products that I highly recommend to everyone because they are so good, above all for people like me that have oily skin. 

They're the Tea Tree + Witch Hazel products.
Not so convinced about the face mask, though. 

I've even bought a very beautiful collar shirt with a little gold chain that is absolutely amazing, and was only for £3. I'm so happy with it!
I would take a picture but right now is at laundry (wore it too many times!).
But I'm not as happy with it as for Primark's Kohl which was only for £1 and right now I can understand why. 

You're going to learn that I love collar shirts as they are one of the few piece of clothes that can really fit me and I was waiting for this revival just to wear them..

I've recently bought two nice dress on Forever21 web site and I'm really looking forward to try them on.
When in London, I've been to the Oxford Circus store, but I don't know, I think they have way prettier things on the website and that's a pity, cause you can't try them on, have to wait and paid for the delivery. D: 


p.s. Let me know what you think about the dresses!

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