15 July 2013


Yaaaaaaaaaawp! I'm finally leaving 5 terre to go back to Milan.
Well, I'm not that happy after all.
I mean, I've spent five days doing absolutely nothing, sunburning and reading.

I have loved the afternoons spent reading Game of Thrones from 2 pm to 6 pm.
And the nights lying on the sunbed watching the stars.
Yep, it was sooooooo relaxing. Some i-have-nothing-to-do moments are really good. Maybe boring at first, but really relaxing after a while.
I did also start writing my own fantasy novel. I recognize it's one of the most demanding genre I could ever choose, but I grew up with this.
The first movie I ever watched was Lord of the Rings (which is also my favourite), then I was raised up with Harry Potter saga. One of the most wonderful story ever. I loved Eragon and Narnia and the Hobbit. One of my favourite book is The Hunger Games.

I guess that growing up with this myths conditioned me a lot.

In my opinion a good quality fantasy novel is far better than every other book genre.
Every one (well not everyone, but every writer) can write about reality, a realistic scenary, because we live in, but there are very few people who can create another world, others creatures and even create a new language - just think about Tolkenian languages Sindaril and Quenya.

Well, my first intention was to write about my leaving Ligury, but I think my new fantasy novel is a funnier topic. At least, I hope so. 


P.s. This is where I'm actually writing from D:

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