27 August 2013

Good Morning America!

Good Morning America! 

Sun is shining above this amazing country and this amazing state, California.
I've been out and about with my host mama for few days and visited so many beautiful places. 
Met my neighbors' cousin. He studies Italian and he is not aware of how much he's lucky to be in such a beautiful country. 
Come on, man! Just go and live for an year in Italy, you will notice the differencies.

We've been spending some beautiful moments on LA some days ago.
Venice Beach is so full of talented people, one in particular, whose paintings were simply but really effective.

We had lunch in Santa Monica, at the Omelette Parlor where we had a fantastic brunch, eating the "Two, Two and Two" and some Oatmeal with Banana and Raisins.
Then we went in a shopping center in Santa Monica (I don't know how I've been living without knowing what Bloomingdale's was). 
Outside of that I saw my first celebrity, Mario Lopez, (you know, America's Best Dance Crew?). Well, in New York Lottie Tomlinson walked in front of me, but she's not really a celebrity.
Then we took the Pacific Coast Hwy and I've seen for the first time Malibu and the Californian coast.

By now I'm very happy about how my year abroad has started, but tomorrow I have school and I'm freaking out about it!



25 August 2013


Day 3 in California, and I already love it.
On the first day I met my LC and my host mum at the airport. Then I met my host dad and Chi Chi, my dog.

Los Angeles has got a fantastic temperature, I love it! It's not that hot, yet not so cold. Maybe you have to cover up a little bit more in the morning and in the evening, but we got 20 degrees the whole year. 

Not homesick yet, it's going well. 
I'm very nervous about the first day of school, terribly nervous! Hope to make lots of new friends (and why not, meet some nice american guy? ;) ) 

My bedroom is actually so cool, my host mum made it. She has got such a good taste for decorating! 
Posting some pictures to show you my room.
That's all for now.


21 August 2013

New York New York

Why everything here has to be so big and amazing? 
NY yesterday was hot, crowdy and the sky was grey, but hey man! It was wonderful.

New York from my hotel this morning


20 August 2013

California here I come!

20 august 2013

Finally my here im America is starting. 
Right now I'm writing from Frankfurt's airport while sitting with some friends and eating a Chai frappè (btw it's amazing, you should try it.)
Flight was not that bad but I'm not looking forward from the next one to Newark, 8 hours long!!
Water here is so expensive, 2,50€ for a little bottle. German people. But the bottle was nice!


13 August 2013

Finally We Left

Finally, after 90 minutes of delay we left.
I really couldn't be angrier. Trenitalia people are actually morons. Hate them all.
Well, at least I've got something to do while waiting.

Very angry but still yours,

Quick Update

I'm on a train waiting to leave from Milan to the countryside.
Yesterday there was a problem at central server of the national railway service so I had to wait for hours before getting the ticket.
Right now they have just told us that we' going lo leave 10 minutes late. Let's hope they won't let us wait more (but you know Murphy's law, if something can get worse, it will be. And in the worst way.)
Let's hope for the best, while expecting the worst.
Yeah, I'm so philosophical right now.

Is God trying to tell me anything? 

Someone who want to talk a bit with me? I feel alone. Comment, ask me anything, give me something to do.

For now is everything, may update you later.


11 August 2013

It's like forgetting the words to your favourite song

I have a house in the country and the most difficult thing about it is how to look well and be comfortable at the same time? 
Looking in my mother's drawers I found lots of fantastic new clothes who made my day.
Firstly, a new saloppette, which is super baggy and cozy, but yet is something that can be worn in lots of ways.
I then choose a punk Lacoste shirt to look not that bad and wellie.
I always thought that if I'm messy with what I wear or what I look, people will feel it and that is gonna bereflected on what I do.

What do you think of my summer-wellie outfit?


5 August 2013

11 Things To Do In America

My next year in California is such an inspiration that I decided to write a 10 point list about what I must do during my American Year.

1 - Learn English Better
So that I can have a proper conversation and living in UK, USA or

whatever without worrying about the language.

2 - Start a Youtube Channel (YTC Mission)
For two reasons: first, I love what youtubers do and their courage. I think Youtube is a beautiful way to spend time as you can find everyhting, from useful to useless (and really funny).
Furthermore I want to start a Youtube Channel in order to improve my English skills and learn to talk to an audience, which is one of the thing that scares me the most.
I even bought a videocamera for this.

3 - Become a Better Blogger (BBB Mission)
A better fashion / lifestyle blogger, with a better blog.
Like starting uploading outfit or make up posts, with even photos of myself. Or even something about California, you know, "California for Europeans" or "What to do or buy or make or eat in U.S.A.".
I really want to become a better blogger.

4 - Make Lots of New Friends.
Including one who loves to take pictures so that I can once being the one in pictures and not the one behind the camera.
I want to meet people like me, who have great sense of humorand can understand me and my passion, like fashion or books or whatever. 
Really hope to meet friendly people.

5 - Find a Boyfriend
I mean, I've spent 3 years studying, so it was really hard look for someone and find time to spend time.
Well, this year I'm going to study less than in Italy and spend more time with friends, so let's cross fingers!
Is it too difficult to find a cool, good-looking and intelligent boy? Maybe I'm dreaming for too much?

6 - Getting Fitter
And try new sports. Maybe basket or football, I've always wanted to play them, even if I have never try them, except with my friends during P.E. classes.

7 - Get lots of people to follow my blog and youtube channel

8 - Finish Writing my Book and Publicate It.

9 - Let it Become the New Worldwide Bestseller
Yep, this is the most unlikely to happen, I admit it, but is the one which I most hope for.

10 - Have Lots of Fun
And enjoy my Fucking American Year!