5 August 2013

11 Things To Do In America

My next year in California is such an inspiration that I decided to write a 10 point list about what I must do during my American Year.

1 - Learn English Better
So that I can have a proper conversation and living in UK, USA or

whatever without worrying about the language.

2 - Start a Youtube Channel (YTC Mission)
For two reasons: first, I love what youtubers do and their courage. I think Youtube is a beautiful way to spend time as you can find everyhting, from useful to useless (and really funny).
Furthermore I want to start a Youtube Channel in order to improve my English skills and learn to talk to an audience, which is one of the thing that scares me the most.
I even bought a videocamera for this.

3 - Become a Better Blogger (BBB Mission)
A better fashion / lifestyle blogger, with a better blog.
Like starting uploading outfit or make up posts, with even photos of myself. Or even something about California, you know, "California for Europeans" or "What to do or buy or make or eat in U.S.A.".
I really want to become a better blogger.

4 - Make Lots of New Friends.
Including one who loves to take pictures so that I can once being the one in pictures and not the one behind the camera.
I want to meet people like me, who have great sense of humorand can understand me and my passion, like fashion or books or whatever. 
Really hope to meet friendly people.

5 - Find a Boyfriend
I mean, I've spent 3 years studying, so it was really hard look for someone and find time to spend time.
Well, this year I'm going to study less than in Italy and spend more time with friends, so let's cross fingers!
Is it too difficult to find a cool, good-looking and intelligent boy? Maybe I'm dreaming for too much?

6 - Getting Fitter
And try new sports. Maybe basket or football, I've always wanted to play them, even if I have never try them, except with my friends during P.E. classes.

7 - Get lots of people to follow my blog and youtube channel

8 - Finish Writing my Book and Publicate It.

9 - Let it Become the New Worldwide Bestseller
Yep, this is the most unlikely to happen, I admit it, but is the one which I most hope for.

10 - Have Lots of Fun
And enjoy my Fucking American Year!


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