27 August 2013

Good Morning America!

Good Morning America! 

Sun is shining above this amazing country and this amazing state, California.
I've been out and about with my host mama for few days and visited so many beautiful places. 
Met my neighbors' cousin. He studies Italian and he is not aware of how much he's lucky to be in such a beautiful country. 
Come on, man! Just go and live for an year in Italy, you will notice the differencies.

We've been spending some beautiful moments on LA some days ago.
Venice Beach is so full of talented people, one in particular, whose paintings were simply but really effective.

We had lunch in Santa Monica, at the Omelette Parlor where we had a fantastic brunch, eating the "Two, Two and Two" and some Oatmeal with Banana and Raisins.
Then we went in a shopping center in Santa Monica (I don't know how I've been living without knowing what Bloomingdale's was). 
Outside of that I saw my first celebrity, Mario Lopez, (you know, America's Best Dance Crew?). Well, in New York Lottie Tomlinson walked in front of me, but she's not really a celebrity.
Then we took the Pacific Coast Hwy and I've seen for the first time Malibu and the Californian coast.

By now I'm very happy about how my year abroad has started, but tomorrow I have school and I'm freaking out about it!



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