25 August 2013


Day 3 in California, and I already love it.
On the first day I met my LC and my host mum at the airport. Then I met my host dad and Chi Chi, my dog.

Los Angeles has got a fantastic temperature, I love it! It's not that hot, yet not so cold. Maybe you have to cover up a little bit more in the morning and in the evening, but we got 20 degrees the whole year. 

Not homesick yet, it's going well. 
I'm very nervous about the first day of school, terribly nervous! Hope to make lots of new friends (and why not, meet some nice american guy? ;) ) 

My bedroom is actually so cool, my host mum made it. She has got such a good taste for decorating! 
Posting some pictures to show you my room.
That's all for now.



  1. I hope you'll have fun! First day of school will be fine. Good luck sweetie x

    1. Thank you love! Hope so..
      Good luck with everything you girl :)

      Effie x