10 October 2013

L.A. Fashion Week part 2

Do you remember I was at L.A. Fashion Week - Driven by Design last week and that I promised you photos from the last 4 runways? 
As my iPad died, I can only show you photos from Dena Burton runway (one of my favourite, together with Brian BK Phillips, but I don't have photos for him..).
Her collection was really fresh and summery, and I could see my country in it, with the sea of Ligury and Southern France.

The girl on the top photos in a fantastic guitarist. And she's beautiful too. Amazing performance.

This piece of clothing was absolutely my favourite. Colorful and young, something to wear everyday.

This was the sundae prepared by Ice Cream Sundae Divas. 
Absolutely delish!

This is me interviewing BK Phillips. He's such a wonderful and talented designer! I loved his collection. 

That's all for now, 
I'll upload later photos from BK Phillips collection, from my host mother website Society 805
If you want to read my article about the interview, click here!


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