16 November 2013

Glimpses of California

Hello Everyone!
As the end of my second month in California is coming to an end, I'd like to share with you some glimpses of this fantastic State.
I can't believe that sunny places like this actually exist, it still hasn't rained!
I'm enjoying so much this experience so long, I hope to let you experience my same feelings through this post.


Starbucks-- Starbucks everywhere!

My first American breakfast

Good sushi - it's a pity I can't eat it.

You can see this was during my first days here because I still haven't discovered junk food.

Leo and Dani's Birthday party

Californian Skyes

Me and Moni :)

Driving up the 101 to Santa Barbara

Before LAFW S/S 2014
Me during my first interview with designer Brian BK Phillips

Pure Happiness

Pre Homecoming with my date :)

Pre-Homecoming #2

Pumpkin Spice Latter - This is why I love America!

Best picture of the month, I'm actually satisfied with this one!

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