4 December 2014

Paper Towns

Lately I've happened to read a lot.
Some of the books I've read were, you know, okay. Other ones were actually good and/or made me think a lot.
Today I'm going to post about the one and only: 

Yeah! I know you all who have read it, loved it.
It was actually my favourite out of all John Green's books.
It did make me think a lot, the story is just so weird and you think it is gonna end up in a "happy ever after" kind of way, but then it doesn't and it just makes you think about it even more. 

This was the photo that made me think most about the whole story and kept me overthinking for days.
Margo was only a girl, she just used a cover so people could see someone who was other than herself.
So, when we meet someone, when we have a friend, how much of them do we really know? Are we sure we're not only seeing a façade of them?
And most important, are we putting up a mask ourselves?

Bye you beautiful people,


p.s. I don't own any of these pictures.

8 February 2014

I'm in Love with a Fictional Character

How many of you love to read?
How many of you cannot find a significant other in life because fictional characters have over increased your expectactions?
Well, accordingly to Tumblr, lots of you did.

And so did I.

I read Harry Potter, where Harry, Ron and Hermione became my first best friends.
I did fell in love for Draco Malfoy; when the third generation arrived, I fell in love with Scorpius Malfoy too - seems like I've got a think for blonde guys from Slytherin.

Then it was the time for Lord of the Rings.

And The Hunger Games.

And The Mortal Instruments

But then I discovered The Fault in our Stars and all John Green.

Last but not least. The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

Right now I've just discovered Divergent and yes, I'm in love with Four and Tris. They're such an amazing and complex couple; sometimes I wish I could kill them for the pain they cause me - but it doesn't matter, because my love for fictional characters won't have an end.

I doubt I will ever have a normal and healthy relationship with a man in real life.
Why would I need one when I have all these fictional loves?

Disclaimer: All these photos are not mine, I've found them on Tumblr.


20 January 2014

The best is yet to come

Hello people.

Just a quick update.
I currently have a blogger's block and everytime I think about the fact that I haven't post anything in my blog just make me anxious.
I will soon start posting again, I swear.

Between all the things I have to do, study for american subjects, italian subjects and SAT tests I really feel like I'm lacking of time.

I changed my host family last week and so I decided that it was something important enough to be shared on my blog about my american experience.

What happened in the previous months is kind of exciting and boring at the same time: I've been studying a lot, played soccer a lot, been refused by the guy I liked and then by another one, gained TOO MUCH weight, been to O.C., celebrated Thanksgiving, Christmas and NYE, currently celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day, will fail all of my finals.

I'll leave you with a couple of nice photos that I did not take, but found on Tumblr, place where I like to waste my days in a kind of surreal and artistic world.