8 February 2014

I'm in Love with a Fictional Character

How many of you love to read?
How many of you cannot find a significant other in life because fictional characters have over increased your expectactions?
Well, accordingly to Tumblr, lots of you did.

And so did I.

I read Harry Potter, where Harry, Ron and Hermione became my first best friends.
I did fell in love for Draco Malfoy; when the third generation arrived, I fell in love with Scorpius Malfoy too - seems like I've got a think for blonde guys from Slytherin.

Then it was the time for Lord of the Rings.

And The Hunger Games.

And The Mortal Instruments

But then I discovered The Fault in our Stars and all John Green.

Last but not least. The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

Right now I've just discovered Divergent and yes, I'm in love with Four and Tris. They're such an amazing and complex couple; sometimes I wish I could kill them for the pain they cause me - but it doesn't matter, because my love for fictional characters won't have an end.

I doubt I will ever have a normal and healthy relationship with a man in real life.
Why would I need one when I have all these fictional loves?

Disclaimer: All these photos are not mine, I've found them on Tumblr.


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