4 December 2014

Paper Towns

Lately I've happened to read a lot.
Some of the books I've read were, you know, okay. Other ones were actually good and/or made me think a lot.
Today I'm going to post about the one and only: 

Yeah! I know you all who have read it, loved it.
It was actually my favourite out of all John Green's books.
It did make me think a lot, the story is just so weird and you think it is gonna end up in a "happy ever after" kind of way, but then it doesn't and it just makes you think about it even more. 

This was the photo that made me think most about the whole story and kept me overthinking for days.
Margo was only a girl, she just used a cover so people could see someone who was other than herself.
So, when we meet someone, when we have a friend, how much of them do we really know? Are we sure we're not only seeing a façade of them?
And most important, are we putting up a mask ourselves?

Bye you beautiful people,


p.s. I don't own any of these pictures.

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